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We get asked lots of interesting questions about how we make our delicious drinks, so we’ve had an FAQ page of answers, so you can find all the facts you’re looking for.


If you are contacting us because you are unhappy with our products, please include the following information in your letter or email: name of the product, best before date, batch code and details of where and when purchased along with your full name and postal address (you can always send the pack back too).


We love to hear from our customers. So, whatever your feedback, question or suggestion – send us your thoughts:

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Good or bad, new ideas, questions on our products or where to buy them from internationally or in the UK, this is the email address you need:


Alternatively, you can speak to us on
0345 6021519. We promise we won’t bite!


If you have a media enquiry, please get in touch with us at



If you would like to stock Clipper in the UK, please get in touch with us at

If you would like to stock Clipper outside of the UK, please get in touch with us at


For any online shop queries, please call
023 8127 7021, or email with your order reference number.


With love from Clipper!

We've gone a bit bonkers at Clipper HQ and decided we wanted to share the love with our lovely Clipper tea drinkers out there! We’ve created 3 Limited Edition tea caddies and each comes FREE with our special packs of Fairtrade Everyday Tea, Organic Everyday Tea and Pure Green tea (80 tea bags).

We’ve also made thousands of unbleached Clipper tea-towels and popped them into other packs of our Fairtrade Everyday Tea (80 bags). There are 4 different designs to look out for. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve only gone and put 100% more tea bags into boxes of our Pure Green Tea 26  Bags – yes we’ve squeezed 52 bags in there!

Read more about which gifts we’ll be bestowing by clicking on the images below.

All this Clipper loveliness will be in supermarkets from the end of October.