Tea break chat with illustrator Lorna Scobie

Posted: October 16, 2015

This year has been the year of the adult colouring book – this stress busting craze has rocketed in popularity! We think it’s a wonderfully welcomed edition to any tea break.

We recently rediscovered our love of colouring when Jungle Paradise landed on our doorstep. This beautifully illustrated colouring-in book is full on motivational quotes, and transported us to the heart of the jungle…it’s honestly the perfect companion for unwinding and relaxing!

To celebrate Jungle Paradise landing on shelves we are hosting a #ClipperJungleParadise giveaway on our Instagram account. Simply…

Last week we had a tea break chat with master illustrator and creator of Jungle Paradise, Lorna Scobie…



Congratulations on your first book, Lorna! Tell us, how did Jungle Paradise come about?

Earlier this year I held a one-day workshop at Pick Me Up, an illustration festival in Somerset House in London. I decided to do a huge colouring-in sheet, where I drew lots of animals on enormous pieces of paper. Whilst I drew, members of the public were invited to colour in the animals. It was a really fun day, and it caught the eye of my editor at Hardie Grant Books. She loved the idea of a jungle colouring book, and I thought the theme was perfect as there are so many incredible animals and plants to draw. We wanted the book to be relaxing and therapeutic to colour-in, and also full of personality and character. I hope that we’ve achieved this in the final book!

Did you always want to be an illustrator?

Growing up I really wanted to be a cartoonist or an archaeologist, or something which involved working with animals. I left school and then discovered I could draw pictures for a job. I completed an art foundation course, and later went on to do a degree in illustration, but I believe that you don’t need formal training to become an illustrator. I know lots of people who have had an unconventional route in to this industry… if you feel like being creative, you should be, no matter what your background it. Colouring-in is a great place to start!

What would your advice be for budding illustrators?

Just keep drawing. The more work you do, the further you develop your style and a way of working. Set yourself little personal projects and draw what you enjoy, not what you think other people want to see. You never know, other people might like it too!

You’ve created a beautiful #ClipperJungleParadise illustration for us, where did you draw your inspiration for this?

I imagined what would happen if you left a pot of Clipper Tea and some teacups in one of my jungle scenes from the book. I thought they might attract quite a lot of attention from the local wildlife!

At Clipper we love a tea break. How do you spend yours?

Tea breaks are essential! I am obsessed with peppermint tea and drink about 6 cups a day! I like to have a tea break around 10.30 in the morning, which is when my energy levels start to flag. I do my best to get away from the computer screen for a bit and usually have a flapjack with peppermint tea or hot water and lemon. I like to take another quick break around 3pm, where I eat a kiwi fruit and drink even more peppermint tea. I like to briefly catch up with my friends and colleagues in the studio during this break, as again, it takes me away from my screen and wakes my brain up!



We love a creative workspace – we get desk envy all the time thanks to our Instagram feed. What are your essentials?

My coloured pencils, a watercolour set which my Grannie got me for my 8th birthday, some black fine liners and lots of books. I also have lots and lots of plants which make it easy for me to imagine I’m somewhere exotic!

You are a freelance illustrator and a member of a design team at a publisher.  That’s a busy workload…what do you do to unwind and relax?

I love swimming and going for long walks in London parks at the weekend. Spending time outside and around the natural world really helps me to unwind, as I spend a lot of my time either in my studio or in busy London. I also draw and paint to relax too. When I’m drawing, I find that my mind becomes very calm and all the stresses of the day seem to evaporate. The same happens when I use colouring books. It’s lovely to take time out of a busy day to be creative and mindful, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Last but by no means least; we’re offering 10 lucky Instagrammers the chance to win a copy of your lovely new book, Jungle Paradise, and a bundle of our beautiful Infusion teas. Any top tips for how others can bring your #ClipperJungleParadise illustration to life?

Most importantly I think people should express themselves creatively in whatever way they enjoy and I’m really looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. Something that is so exciting about making a colouring-in book and this Clipper Jungle Paradise image, is that everyone’s interpretation will be so unique and personal. I use Pinterest a lot for browsing beautiful images and artwork, and I’ve created a Pinterest board full of colour palettes and ideas for those colouring-in Jungle Paradise. Hopefully this will help provide some inspiration for colouring the Clipper illustration too. https://uk.pinterest.com/lornascobie/jungle-colouring-inspiration.



Lorna’s colouring adventure into the wild, Jungle Paradise, is available to buy now (Hardie Grant, £9.99). 


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